The Alutiiq Lifted 163cm Wide
 Alaskan made by Chugach Flyer Snowboards


This is the snowboard model I designed with Chugach Flyer Snowboards. It is an ideal powder freestyle board named after the native tribe of my heritage in Alaska. The Alutiiq is a Lifted 163cm wide true twin with traditional camber & standard radius edges. The tips have a unique shape with an initial transition at the contact point into a 23 degree angle flat tip that is extended for maximum efficiency in powder. The contact point to contact point measures that of a 160cm with an overall length of a 168cm. So, in essence, it’s a short board that floats like a long board. Significant sidecut gives it a tight turning radius, so it is very playful & fun, with a mid-flex to match!

Creation/Construction Video
Description/Demonstration Video