Faith ~ God’s Love

Action ~ Never before ridden Alaskan backcountry, the Rock Chutes 2.0, coastal Mtn. ridge lake lines & some sunny peak freeriding above the clouds!


Proper Freedom in Christ!

Faith ~ Do what’s right.
Action ~ More fresh powder POV! Wind drift super-surf sessions. Mtn. goats & a wolverine help break trail! Flowing drop-of-water lines. The Coup de Grace chute!

My review of the pre-eminent secular snowboard movie of all time!

Faith ~ Trust in the Lord.
Action ~ The first ever “in bounds” section! Follow the coyote trail. Gnarly 1st line descents that remind a Christian not to get into life & death situations out in the backcountry. And a new favorite line called, The Secret Chute!

Dissecting the existential thread in the hard core snow riding culture.

Faith ~ Time is running out.
Action ~ 1st rides on The Alutiiq! Snow shoe hiking in the trees to the Word. Sketchy “no go” chute to almost a “no go” chute into a new aspect. Check the Powder Fun Park. Dark mountain bike access to a narrow chute & shallow fractures. And the BIGGEST 1st descent yet!

Faith ~ Faith is the Key
Action ~ 5 1st descents & other line 1st’s! Boat across the lake for access. Beggar’s Canyon POV for the 1st time! Follow the mountain goat across a knife peak!

Faith ~ Open the door to the Kingdom
Action ~ All riding on never before ridden terrain! Brown bear breaks trail! BMX & KX450F access. Shred the rock chutes. Ice blue glacier views.

Faith ~ Get free from the Matrix of Sin & Death
Action ~ Ak spine line! Wide chutes. Wind drift fun park & kicker time!

Faith ~ Face the idol between you & God
Action ~ Mountaintop ocean views. Wind drift super surf! Rarely seen high mountain shadow dancing! Double kicker line with 3rd air. Steep & deep rock!

Faith ~ Faith comes 1st
Action ~ Amazing geography & flowing lines. Chutes & wide open AK runs. Snow falling in the sunshine! Knee paddling.

Faith ~ Repent & Believe
Action ~ All the footage from my pre-Christian life in snowboarding, ultralight trike flying & aerial filming of action sports like freestyle motocross & snowmobiling & skydiving. Heli-filmed run. Snowy stand-up jet-skiing. All to a personal narration of faith.